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4 good reasons to stream

Attract the viewers to choose your services.
Increase the website traffic.
Accessible from any mobile device.
We provide all technical solutions.

How it works?

How it works?


6 things you want to know the most about streaming

A: IP cameras with RTSP and H.264 codec. You can stream analogue and HD-SDI cameras as well. Appropriate Internet connectivity with upload speed >512 kbps - depending on desired image quality. Accessible port 554 on your camera: public IP address for the camera or port- redirected to your router. But no worries, we give full technical support.
A: It depends on your requirements and financial possibilities. We will gladly consult all possibilities with you, we can recommend and offer a convenient camera. We test cameras from worldwide producers and we will certainly find the appropriate camera for your type of use. We can also offer equipment rental.
A: You can stream any video resolution. It depends on the input signal quality, which is determined by your camera. The video can be transcoded. If you want to reach high quality, you will need a high internet upload connectivity.
A: Yes, over any mobile device. We even offer video transcoding and thanks to that the video resolution is automaticly optimised for the specific device.
A: Video stream
Video transcoding
All mobile devices accessibility
Automaticly generated Time-Lapse photographs
Photographs administration (api)
Photo archive
Time axis included in the player
Statistics on video traffic
Web administration: webcast recording with time settings on/off, weather report, ads- videos, banners, own text infos, photo and time-lapse admin
You can add any advert into the player: banner or advertising loop
Stream accessible to any user or just to dedicated users if needed
We register all cameras:,, Registered cameras generate greater web attendance!
A: The opportunities are limitless and it`s up to your invention. Websites with online cameras are one of the most visited and you can easily and briefly present services such as: ski resorts, mountain resorts a reservations, fun parks, golf resorts, sport centers, zoos, developer projects, constructions, traffic overview, children`s playgrounds, landscapes and city views, concerts, events, weather and many others. The player has potential as an attractive advertisement space. You can add any banner or commercial.

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